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Economy Gas Ltd was establised in June 1995, following the deregulation of the gas industry earlier that year. The next few years were spent familiarising ourselves with the industry, and developing systems which were both customer and user friendly.

Economy Gas Ltd is an independent company with a reputation for the highest standards of customer care. Our enthusiastic and dedicated staff, whilst concentrating our efforts on winning and keeping commercial customers, adopt a common sense approach along with the (now) old-fashioned values of reliability and honesty.

In addition, we offer good value and consistency - we extend the same high standard of courtesy and efficiency to all of our customers.

Our account management is 'second to none', providing clear, accurate and hassle-free billing.

We are also a forward thinking company, responding and reacting to any constructive criticism and aiming to answer all of our queries quickly and comprehensively.

So if you are interested in the friendly and economic approach to commercial gas supply, why not give us a call on 0161 946 0333.

Energy Supplier Guaranteed Standards 2015/2016

We believe in the importance of good customer service. If we arrange an appointment with you in relation to your gas and/or electricity supply and fail to keep this appointment without letting you know in advance, we’ll credit your account with £30.00 within 10 working days of the missed appointment to offset against your invoice. If, for any reason, we don’t credit your account within this timescale, we’ll credit your account with a further £30.00. If you have any further queries, please speak to our Customer Services Department who will be happy to assist you.